Missouri Child Psychiatry Access Project (MO-CPAP)

To improve outcomes of children with mental illness in Missouri by providing pediatricians with a same-day phone consultation with a child/adolescent psychiatrist.

New Tics Study

To compare children who go on to develop Tourette Syndrome with children whose tics have resolved.

Oral Bacteria Extract (ORBEX) Study

To see if taking an Oral Bacterial Extract (ORBEX) can prevent or reduce wheezing illnesses in young children.

PLAN Study

To evaluate the effectiveness of family-based treatment delivered by a trained interventionist located within pediatric practices compared to the care typically delivered by the family’s pediatrician for children with overweight or obesity.


To determine the shortest duration of therapy needed to decrease the development of antimicrobial resistance and risk of antimicrobial toxicity.

Staph Hygiene Intervention for Eradication (SHINE)

Staphylococcus aureus can be spread from person-to-person and infections often occur in multiple members of the same household. S. aureus can also exist on household surfaces for prolonged periods of time. The SHINE study is a comparative effectiveness trial to evaluate several decolonization strategies in patients with MRSA infection, their household contacts, and household environmental surfaces to interrupt transmission of S. aureus among household members and prevent S. aureus infections.