How can we help?

WU PAARC has developed a formal infrastructure to actively engage community practitioners in clinical and translational research. WU PAARC initiates and conducts research studies and collaborates with other investigators to design and implement studies in the community setting. Community practitioners provide input to identify study questions and ensure that network studies are relevant to clinical practice and feasible to complete in the office setting.

In addition, the network answers patient care questions from practitioners by identifying and disseminating relevant research findings to support evidence-based practice. WU PAARC also disseminates information to  community practitioners about other WU studies that are relevant to primary care practice.

Services & Resources

  • Consultation about community-based patient recruitment (pediatric and adult)
  • Consultation about the formation of practice-based research networks
  • Consultation about grant development and recruitment assistance
  • Consultation about survey development and administration assistance
  • If involved in the planning process, WU PAARC can assist with recruitment of pediatric patients from the community.

If you are interested in working with WU PAARC and desire our assistance, please complete this consultation form.

*Initial consultations are fully subsidized for ICTS members.